This strange polar accident is not what it seems

On any given day, we make sure that there are plenty of auto accident accidents that most local fire department radars won’t even blip into. However, this automated optical illusion has given rise to much discussion on Reddit, where it has more than 940 comments and 20,300 upvotes.

The image was posted on Reddit’s r / IdiotsInCars, where it created a lot of confusion for almost all commenters. At first glance, there’s nothing really special about this accident, it’s just a Chevy Silverrado crashing into a lamp post. No big deal, isn’t it? Well, take another look.

Have you figured it out yet? We’ll give you a minute. Okay, you got it? That’s right! Cities don’t usually install poles in the middle of the street, and they weren’t here, although it certainly looks like it.

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Despite the presence, apparently the pole was taken to the middle of the road after the truck crashed into it. The image was taken from the poster’s local fire department’s Facebook page, which had to be closed for several hours.

There are times when we see a crash and think “How could they do that?” But it’s usually something that Evel Nivel jumps over three cars to land in a parking spot, or a T-sister accident that could cause a Jaguar to wear a GMC as a hood ornament. Something mundane, like rushing to a pole for the first time, has given rise to so much confusion and discussion.

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