This widebody Toyota GR Supra probably makes more head turn than a Lamborghini

The current Toyota Supra has certainly made quite an impression on the streets for its unconventional design and this particular Supra gives a more dramatic statement than most.

A widebody kit from Rocket Bunny is the first thing that sets this supra apart. Like the other Rocket Bunny kits, it is extremely diverse for Supra and certainly not for the faint of heart. It is so dramatic that we suspect that this supra will be different even among the fleet of high-wealth outsiders.

The kit starts with an extended front splitter at the front that is attached to the factory bumper. A set of florid wheel arches is bolted to the front, followed by a pair of new black side skirts. The rear also sports flared wheel arch, complete with striking air vents. Elsewhere, the Rocket Bunny Kit features a dramatic DuckTel-SQ lip spoiler with a huge rear wing. A unique rear diffuser has also been fitted.

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A set of aftermarket wheels complete the look. The wheel in question comes from stress and measures 19 × 10 on the front and 19 × 12 on the back and sport satin gunmetal center, as well as glossing black lips and barrels.

Supra Standard Shade Gloss complements Silver Widebody beautifully and helps highlight some dramatic new lines and creases across the exterior. Of course, we’re sure many people will find this suprati a little too top for their taste.

There are several more bodykits available for Supra, including one at Liberty Walk. Earlier this year, Zacoe also got a preview of the Supra Widebody Kit, featuring a flared arch, a brand new front clamshell, an overhead rear end and a pronounced rear wing.

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