Toyota says interest in the new Corolla GR has been ‘humble’

It’s no secret that interest in the Toyota GR Corolla is incredibly high, but according to Doug Dimuro, the brand has been humbled by it. Throughout this tour of the GR Corolla, we got a chance to see some of its special features and features. We also learn how much more luxurious it will be than a regular Corolla. Spoiler alert: Not too much.

The Toyota GR Corolla is a pre-production model, just like the cars it showed at launch, so it can’t be driven. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

In ‘normal’ mode, the GR Corolla will send 60-percent of its power to the front wheels but with the use of new ones, drivers can send up to 70-percent to the rear wheels. We also see a display of infotainment system and driver information, the latter of which varies considerably depending on the drive mode it contains.

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With the Focus RS, Focus ST and Subaru WRX wagons out of production, there is no question that the GR Corolla is coming to market at a perfect time for Toyota. This leaves a lot of market share for GR Corolla and is one of the reasons why the interest for Toyota is so humble.

Of course, we see other features like fake carbon roof, hood bulge and its slick vents as well as Alcantara sports seats. They are all only available in top-of-the-line circuit trim Key buyers may add some performance components to the circuit, such as a limited-slip differential and a red brake caliper.

Hopefully, all the interest inspires Toyota to create more GR models if it doesn’t have sports skills like the Corolla. Even if they do not find a way to do this, we are certainly hopeful that they will create more than the short production target for 2023 model year.

Image Credit: Doug Demuro on YouTube

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