Two speed bumps send flying cars very close to each other

Whether you call them speed bumps or speed humps, we can all agree that they can be annoying but in many cases, necessary to reduce traffic and slow down. But to put the two of them in a tandem? It seems bizarre.

The ’11-foot-8 ‘bridge is probably the most famous roadblock that has gone viral in recent years, but a new YouTube channel, recently known as the Speed ​​Bump Olympics, could give the famous bridge a run for its money.

For almost a month now, channel owners have been sharing videos of speeding vehicles across two speed bumps in front of their homes. We don’t know why anyone thought it would be a good idea to keep two big speed bumps so close together. However, it does create some interesting footage.

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Many drivers go to the first speed bump with too much speed, probably thinking that they can overcome it without slowing down. They then face a second speed bump that sends many of them into the air. All sorts of drivers and vehicles are seen being hit by speed bumps, including a police officer driving a Ford Explorer who you think would be aware of dual speed bumps if they patrolled the area frequently.

The cars featured in the clip are subject to all sorts of obstacles and scraps Some scratch their undertrays along the speed bump, sending sparks flying in the air. Others bounce up and down, damaging their front and rear bumpers. Notably, the man behind the YouTube channel says he has lived opposite Speed ​​Bump for 11 years and they have never actually seen an accident caused by them.


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