Volkswagen ID.5 achieves the highest possible score for driver assistance technology

Euro NCAP, continental safety regulator, rated the Volkswagen ID.5’s advanced driver support system as “very good” and gave it the highest possible score of four points.

To keep pace with the technology, the company has expanded its testing scheme through “Driver Assistance Test”, which rates these systems to give customers an insight into the performance of advanced technology in modern vehicles.

Test methods include complex motorway driving situations, including cut-in and cut-out maneuvers, and it tests the system’s ability to assist the driver in avoiding accidents. Tests also look at how well the system works with the driver to ensure that adaptive cruise control or lane-keep assistance technologies are alert and employed, regardless of what works.

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Euro NCAP writes, “VW ID.5 provides very good vehicle support with the same level of driver engagement.” “Combined with excellent security back-up, the system, overall, provides very good highway support.”

Volkswagen is proud that this has been achieved with the help of new technologies, such as “travel assistance with swarm data.” This feature can keep a vehicle in its lane and maintain distance from a leading vehicle with the maximum speed set by the driver. It can also place the ID.5 in the middle of its lane and adapt to the driver’s style by placing it on the left or right side of the lane, for example, in the next lane with a transport truck or other large vehicle. This technology is designed to make car passengers feel more comfortable.

This allows the car to change lanes, the driver only needs to use the indicator. The car’s sensors then check its surroundings and it automatically performs the technique.

This test adds to Volkswagen ID.5’s collection of security compliments. In March, the crossover achieved the highest possible rating among five stars in the Euro NCAP safety test, which tests a vehicle’s performance during a collision.

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