Voxhall Insignia died in the UK, its opal namesake surviving

Voxhall excluded Insignia from the UK market without a planned successor in the short term. However, Opel will continue to build Insignia for Europe and other markets, at least for a few more years until an all-electric successor arrives, perhaps in the form of a crossover.

According to Voxhall’s official statement, the decision to discontinue the model was taken in line with the UK market trends and the company’s focus on electrification. The brand wants to be fully electrified by 2024, just before moving to EV by 2028. Although Vauxhall has stopped taking new orders for Insignia, production will continue until the fall of 2022 to satisfy existing orders. Like other markets, the order book and production of the Opel Insignia Twin were not affected.

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Paul Wilcox, managing director of Voxhall UK, told Autocar: “The Insignia is stopping for Voxhall. We will fulfill orders, but there are no short-term plans to replace it directly. There will still be Opel Insignia, but there is a gap for us, there are no plans to fill it now. ” Wilcox’s comments point to a rumored successor to Ingenia, which is expected to come in the form of a fully electric crossover in 2024 or 2025 on Stellantis underpinnings produced in Italy.

The current generation of Insignia was re-launched in 2016 and received a facelift in 2019. This is the only remaining model in the Opel / Vauxhall range that was created before Opel merged with the PSA group. It is the brother of Holden Commodore (Australia) and Buick Regal (USA), both closed. In addition to the Grand Sport and Station Wagon bodystyle, the Insignia is available in a sporty GSI variant with a crossover trim and ground clearance.

The Vauxhall Insignia is not the only traditional sedan to leave the UK market, as the Ford Mondio has also closed after more than 30 years, despite the debut of a new generation in China. Non-premium automakers have abandoned the three-box body style in favor of the more popular SUV due to declining sedan sales. In fact, the only remaining sedans of the same size for sale in the UK are the VW Passat and Skoda Superb, both getting a new generation.

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