VW is coming after Scout Revival electric SUV and Ford’s Bronco and Revian

The Volkswagen Group has officially confirmed that it will launch the Scout brand in the United States, with two US-made fully electric models. The Rugged SUVs and pickups teased in these official sketches will premiere in concept form in 2023, previewing models that will go into production in 2026.

As previously reported, VW Group’s supervisory board has approved plans to revive this historic brand. A new era of scouts will begin this year with the establishment of a distinct brand under the umbrella of the VW Group, with a clear focus on the US market. VW said the new models would be “designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States for American customers”, with little hope of exporting to other markets.

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VW will unveil the first Scout prototypes next year, but we’re getting a taste of the design directions in the two profile sketches. They feature a five-door SUV and a dual-cab pickup, inspired by the International Harvester Scout model line sold between 1961 and 1980. They have traditional off-road ratios like the Land Rover Defender or the Ford Bronco in their boxy shape. Notable styling features include frameless windows, a floating roof, generous ground clearance and large diameter wheel shades on all-terrain tires.

According to VW, the Scout range will be based on the concept of a “new technology platform that brings new pickups and RUV credibility beyond the existing Volkswagen Group portfolio”. This means that newer models will not use the EV-dedicated MEB or the jack-up version of the PPE architecture. Although it’s too early to guess, the scout pickup could also serve as the basis for an Audi pickup.

The VW Group aims to capture 10 percent market share in the United States while increasing profitability. In this context, Herbert Dice, CEO of VW Group, described the R-SUV and pickup segments as “extremely attractive”, adding that the company wants to “become a relevant player in the US market.” To achieve this, the new models will have to compete with competitors from Tesla, Revian, Ford, Jeep and General Motors, most of which have already been offered in the market by 2026.

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