VW Tiguan Evi Mules Spy on Current Model Clothing Covered Grill

Volkswagen is already working on the next generation of Tiguan, and our spy photographers have captured two mules in the upcoming model test in the Alps. The SUV is expected to arrive by 2024, and the EV will probably come in disguise.

The Tiguan mules using the current model bodywork make some changes. The most obvious change between the illustrated models is the fully covered grille, which in the case of an EV powertrain combined with the absence of visible exhaust pipes.

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The new front bumper is somehow reminiscent of the Lamborghini Urus, and it’s well-incorporated for a dummy part that probably won’t be used in production. The rest of the bodywork remains unchanged from the facelifted Tiguan launched in 2020 after the second generation launch in 2015. The wheelbase and front / rear tracks are OK which could mean that the next Tiguan will retain the same footprint as the current model based on the MQB platform.

As far as electrification goes, the current model is available in the eHybrid plug-in hybrid variant with a combined output of 245 PS (242 HP / 180 kW) and an EV range of 50 km (31 miles). Nevertheless, competition in the compact SUV segment is getting stronger, and Volkswagen will take the game to the next generation. We don’t know if VW is all-in for Tiguan for EV only based on MEB architecture, but there is a possibility to offer new models in both ICE-powered and EV camouflage. This will separate it from ID.4 and allow VW to offer hybrid options only until the electric-automaker.

The next VW Tiguan’s disguised prototypes should appear in early 2023, a year before the model’s official debut. We will then learn more about the design – which is expected to be inspired by the model’s ID range – and the technical features of the SUV.

Photo Credit: S. Baldauff / SB-Median for Carscopes

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