VW will offer an electric truck in America, scout production site decides

Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Dice has revealed that the company will soon decide where to build the upcoming scout pickup and SUV in the United States.

According to Reuters, Dice has announced using the World Economic Forum that the company intends to select a location later this year. The executive did not indicate much, but said the company was already scouting some “brownfield sites and some greenfield locations.” As a result, models can be made in a completely new factory or at an existing facility that has been redesigned.

Highly optimistic for the Volkswagen Scout brand as CFO Arno Antlitz has revealed the possibility of launching it. Although he admits that it is too early to talk about it, the scout may eventually follow a path similar to that of Rivian.

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The automaker announced plans for an electric scout pickup and SUV earlier this month, and both models will be “designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States for American customers.” They are ready to boost Volkswagen’s profits, and Diess has previously said they underscored the company’s ambition to “become a relevant player in the US market.”

The first prototypes are set to be unveiled next year, but production will not begin until 2026. They will be built on a “new technology platform concept” that promises to be strong and rigorous.

Speaking of scouts, Antlitz said Volkswagen would invest € 7 billion ($ 7.5 / £ 5.9) over the next five years to strengthen its product lineup in the United States. Details are limited, but the company is reportedly offering an electric pickup. Looks like the model will be different from the scout pickup and will wear the Volkswagen badge.

The news isn’t too surprising as Volkswagen has shown a wealth of ideas over the years and officials have been talking about the possibility of electric pickups in recent months. In particular, Diess called the Ford F-150 Lightning’s competitor a “good idea” during a Reddit AMA event in February.

Most recently, Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keogh described electric trucks as a “lifetime opportunity” and said the company was “actively watching” them. Now, with Antlitz’s comments, it looks like the electric truck has been given the green light.

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