We are finally going to get an official electric corvette

Automakers are making a historic change as they ramp up their electric car offers. Just to name a few examples: Ford has unveiled its Mustang Mach-E, and is building an electric F-150 that will be on display at an event tomorrow, and General Motors has created a giant GMC Hummer EV, including an electric Chevy Silverrado. Also work. And that’s not to mention Rivian and, of course, Tesla.

Today, Chevrolet Corvette and EV fans in general receive good news in the form of an announcement from GM President Mark Reus. The company is officially working on an electron-powered corvette: “We’re here today to tell you about an electrified corvette that comes first, and then a fully electric corvette,” Reuss told CNBC.

“We’ll have an electrified Corvette next year, so it’s coming very fast,” Reuss added, in terms of deadlines. Meanwhile, he was investigating when the fully electric supercar would come out. “There’s more to come,” Reus said.

Reuss broke the news on LinkedIn today, noting that Corvette’s Pure EV model will be Ultium-based. Ultium is the branding that GM uses for its bag-style lithium-ion battery modular system that powers its electric vehicle; GM recently said it will partner with Honda to build an EV for less than 30,000 and will also use the Ultium platform.

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An electric corvette is something that President Biden – then a candidate – talked about in August 2020. “I believe that by moving to electric cars we can own the 21st century market again,” he said in a statement. The video was posted on Twitter. “And anyway, they tell me – and I’m waiting, if it’s true, to drive a car – that they’re building an electric corvette that can go 200 miles per hour.” At this time, Popular science Behind the wheels of an electric Corvette was not made by Chevy, but by a company called Genevation Cars, whose modified electric car cost 750,000.

Chevrolet’s new car, however, will not change from a third party, of course – it will be a new ride directly from the original manufacturer. While it’s not clear exactly what the “electrified” version will be next year, expect some sort of hybrid with a full-electric car coming out at some point in the future.

Watch a teaser video below:

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