You can drive the Fiat 500 on the roof of the Lingoto factory in Turin

Fiat’s Lingoto factory in Italy, known for its roof test track, has now been completely renovated with a garden, open to the public for a test drive of the Electric 500. Visitors are also welcome to the “FIATCafé500” inside the Casa 500 Museum. Where they can learn more about the car history of the Italian city and enjoy their coffee with a special view of Turin.

The Lingoto factory was completed in 1923 as the largest automotive factory in the world. Fiat made a total of 80 models in the Lingoto before it closed in 1982. The roof – 28 meters above the city of Turin – is accessible by car with a spiral inside the building. For many years it served as an experimental track for finished production vehicles and prototypes. In 2020, as part of the 500’s European presentation to the press, I was lucky enough to run a few laps on it.

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Now, after redesigning and re-applying to a garden, the roof test track has reopened under the name “La Pista 500”. The garden has more than 40,000 plants of 300 different endemic species, according to Stellantis’ environmentally-conscious strategy. Fortunately, part of the track has been retained – with turns – and visitors are welcome to test the Electric 500 on Monday. The roof will also host a series of educational activities related to electrical mobility, called “e-Drive School”.

For the “FIATCafé500”, it is part of the Casa 500 Museum, located on the fourth floor of the Pinakoteca Agnelli. There you can enjoy your coffee next to the original 500, posters, souvenirs and a beautiful wooden model of the electric Fiat 500. The cafeteria was designed with an artistic approach and has a beautiful view of the “La Pista 500” from large. The window

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